Voter Photo ID Speakers Bureau Opens

MADISON, WI – The Government Accountability Board has opened a Speakers Bureau and is now accepting requests from groups for staff speakers to get the word out across Wisconsin about the new Voter Photo ID Law.

“Organizations that work with people who may need help getting a photo ID to vote can go to our website and request a speaker,” said Kevin J. Kennedy, Wisconsin’s chief election officer. “The Government Accountability Board does not have the resources to help every individual voter who needs to get a photo ID.  We can, however, provide organizations with the tools and knowledge to get the job done.”

“The Voter Photo ID Speakers Bureau is part of the larger public education, information and outreach program the G.A.B. is required to conduct under the new law,” said Elections Division Administrator Nathaniel E. Robinson.  “G.A.B. staff members will be available, beginning in October, to make presentations about the new law, and how groups and their members can help make sure everyone who needs a photo ID gets one.” 

Because a birth certificate is required to obtain a state ID card, the time to get a proper ID for voting purposes is now rather than at the last minute before the 2012 February Primary, Robinson said.

The G.A.B. may not be able to honor all the requests.  Robinson said the Speakers Bureau will give priority to organizations working with citizens who are most unlikely to have the required photo ID to vote. 

The Speakers Bureau request form is available on the Board’s website: